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Q 1. Will Certification of my business help my company obtain new business?
Ans. ABSOLUTELY. Certifying your business is Step 1. Step 2, is the key to gaining business and centers on how your company utilizes its certification to derive revenue growth. What Certification provides is opportunities with corporations and government agencies that would otherwise not be available to your business. Once certified, GATEWAY successfully assists your company in selling your businesses goods and/or products with numerous Corporate Supplier Diversity and Government Procurement programs; this is where GATEWAY is of vital value to the growth of our client’s businesses.

Q 2. Do I have to be legally incorporated to obtain Certification?
Ans. Almost always, yes; having a corporate structure represents to the world and your customers/clients that you are serious about what you do. However, some certification programs do accept sole proprietorships. GATEWAY will assist your future company with incorporation. In fact, we believe we should. GATEWAY will organize your company in the structure that makes sense to your business and every other aspect of your new business so that you will meet the certification requirements.

Q 3. Does my company have to be legally incorporated in the USA to qualify for certification?
Ans. If a foreign company has legally obtained the right to provide goods or services inside the U.S. and files tax returns with Internal Revenue Service, it may qualify for certification. Let GATEWAY’s professionals assess your company’s eligibility. To schedule a Certification Suitability Appraisal, please call our toll free number at 866-494-4929 ext. 111

Q 4. Do the Owners, Members or Shareholders have to be U.S. citizens?
Ans. Some Certification programs require proof of U.S. Citizenship. Other certifications require legal residency status. In the case where an owner, member or shareholder is not a Citizen of the U.S., GATEWAY encourages you to call us for a Certification Suitability Appraisal.

Q 5. Can Owners, Members or Shareholders be the Owners, Members or Shareholders of another company that are not certified or do not qualify for certification?
Ans. Yes, however, when a 51%or more owner, member or shareholder is the owner and/or a majority owner of another company, it adds complexity to the certification process.

Q 6. Is it true that how a company initially capitalizes or funds itself affects its overall ability to be certified as a minority and/or women business?
Ans. Yes, unaware of certification policies, companies disqualify themselves from certification permanently as they begin to capitalize and/or acquire business assets.

Q 7. Will I have to provide financial information to become certified?
Ans. YES, you have to disclose personal financial information. All owners, officers and managers will be required to submit previous years of W-2’s and personal tax returns. We maintain this information confidentially. Your privacy is maintained throughout our relationship.

Q 8. Does a company have to be in business for a certain period of time to be eligible for certification?
Ans. Some certification programs require a two year history other’s do not. For those that have this requirement, a two year business waiver can be obtained in most instances.

Gateway Certifications, I LLC. services and fees

Q 9. Does Gateway charge a fee for its services?
Ans. Yes. Due to the variety and multitude of Certification programs, our fee structure is based on the type of Certification(s) chosen. Some certification applications are more complicated in scope then others. Additionally, a company may choose to retain GATWEAY Supplier Diversity Procurement, sales, marketing, and RFP proposal services fee structure.
Contact us for a fee quotation.

Q 10. What if I want MWBE Enterprises to just review my application?
Ans. In instances where a company or individuals are interested in compiling their own applications, but would like a professional review prior to submission, GATEWAY CERTIFICATIONS, I LLC provides this service at an hourly rate.

Questions... about the Eligibility Analysis service and its related fees...

Q 11. Is there a fee for the Certification Suitability Appraisal?
Ans. YES. A $150 fee applies for this consultative analysis. To ensure appraisal accuracy, GATEWAY must have access to owner(s) and/or personnel who have in-depth, accurate and confidential information of the company’s structure.
Note: Companies that end up retaining Gateway Certifications, I LLC. are credited back the Certification Suitability Appraisal fee.

Q 12. What is an Eligibility Analysis? What does it provide? What can I expect to learn?
Ans. GATEWAY CERTIFICATIONS, I LLC provides an in-depth review of your company’s eligibility to determine:
Bullet If your organization qualifies for Certification;
Bullet if Yes, so, we then determine which certification(s) will assist your company generate revenues and grow your business.
Bullet If No, we will identify the reasons that would disallow your company from successfully obtaining Certification. When appropriate, GATEWAY will provide proactive and strategic remedies that will allow your company to qualify.

Please contact us toll-free at 866-494-4929, extension 111.