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About Us

To assist eligible small disadvantaged minority owned businesses to complete the Certification applications, GATEWAY takes a methodical streamlined approach to a cumbersome, time-consuming, often confusing process. Clients of our services will be engaged in a structured interview, which breaks down the application certification process into its basic elements.

Certification, however, is just one small step in establishing a company as a certified women or minority-owned business. Once certified, the small business owner often finds themselves at a loss on how to utilize their certification, retrieve information on opportunities and respond to bid requests.

Although obtaining certification is difficult, it is how a company then utilizes it Certification through applicable market segments that ultimately affect its bottom line. Gateway Certifications, I LLC. will support applicants’ organizational efforts to obtain new business through a streamlined, strategic approach to the corporate supplier diversity market or public sector procurement.

Success in local or federal government procurement marketplace and private-sector SDP’S requires diligence and careful planning. Certifying agencies, local and federal government agencies, and private-sector SDP’S require applicants to comply with numerous regulations in establishing minority, women and Disadvantaged business enterprise certifications, award eligibility and performance competency.

Gateway assists certified companies procure new relationships, through direct marketing, within either the private and public procurement sector and specifically within Corporate 500 Supplier Diversity Programs (SDP’S). We connect our clients with SDP’S both locally and nationally based on each client’S opportunities, capacity, individual expertise and strategic goals. Gateway assists certified organizations determine which companies to apply with for Preferred Vender Status as a certified minority or women owned business. The Company also maintains and ensures that its certified companies are on approved vendor lists, while being connected to quality opportunities.

Additionally, Gateway also assists in responding to "Request for Proposal" (RFP’S).